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December 12, 2019

Hello all. I am overwhelmed at the many suggestions for naming the beautiful deer that will grace my Cove Creek Christmas, Love on the Outskirts book cover. As promised, and it was not easy, we have chosen one. The submitted name that best describes the personality of the buck I hope to write about is “Spirit.” Thank you Linda Palmer for that inspiring name! I will be in touch via email so you can tell me which one of my paperback books you would like as a free gift.

Thanks to all of you who submitted names. I loved every one of them and the choice was soooo hard!

Looking for last minute stocking stuffers? Books are always a good choice and I have three new journals available, along with my fiction books. Two of the journals are for animal lovers who think it would be fun to document a pet’s activities and reactions during the holidays and beyond. The other one is geared toward those who are exploring how little, or much, they are like their mother as they age. All of my books can be fou...

December 3, 2019

   Good morning all. Hope everyone had a wonderful and "full-feeling" Thanksgiving!

   Today I am excited to extend a free offer along with a cover reveal. Book One in The Cove Creek Christmas Magic series, Love at the Lighthouse, has been the #1 best seller of any of my books since I was first published in 2016. So, thank you! If you enjoyed the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon


    I am hard at work on books two and three in the Christmas Magic series and plan a 2020 release for both. The cover for book two is still a work in progress, but I am happy to reveal the cover for book three. A Cove Creek Christmas, Love on the Outskirts

I absolutely love this cover design by artist Gloria Prez. You can see this and her other fantastic works of art here. Etsy: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/GPrezDesigns

   So, now comes the ask. I need a name for that beautiful buck on the cover. He will be instrumental in this story both for the love, and the susp...

November 11, 2019

                                                                                  Remembering those who serve

Good morning my lovely readers, and to our veterans, along with those who continue to serve, thank you for your service.

Today I want to introduce you to my good friend and fellow author, Sara Foust. She is an amazing writer! Sara writes Inspirational Romantic Suspense based in the beauty of East Tennessee, where she lives with her five homeschooled children. Her debut novel Callum's Compass won second place in Deep River Books' 2017 Writer's Contest. She also has a story, Leap of Faith, appearing in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. To learn more about Sara, please visit www.saralfoust.com. I guarantee, you won't regret it.

Now for my news. I want to tha...

October 31, 2019

Crisp fall weather is finally here. I don't know about you, but it is my favorite time of year. My sweetheart and I just returned from a fall tour of some attractions and leaf peeping in the Virginia Highlands. The colors were astounding in most places. Here is a photo of an alleyway we discovered in Mount Airy with a beautiful Maple peeking around the corner right about sunset. Colors like this were everywhere in the Virginia Mountains.

 To celebrate the coming season of Christmas that is soon to follow this amazing fall, Amazon is running my first book in the Smoky Mountain Christmas Magic Series for .99.

A Cove Creek Christmas, Love at the Lighthouse, will be on sale in Kindle format beginning November 1 until November 8 for only .99. If you haven't read the book yet, now is a great time to prep your heart for some Christmas love. Just click on the cover below or the title above, and it will take you right to Amazon where you can purchase the ebook for yourself, or to email to someone...

August 11, 2019

I know, I know. All of us are wandering around right now thinking, "Where did the summer go?" Right? And who, and when, did someone decide that autumn arrives in August now? I hope all of you enjoyed your summer. I know we did. We hosted Pirate Cousin Camp for our seven bio grandchildren. One week, seven days, with no parents and just us and our g-kids. IT WAS AMAZING! The theme, obviously, was pirates. We drew a name every day to see who would be captain of the Queen's Witch pirate ship. Our arbor served as the pirate ship, complete right down to the ship's wheel and pirate flag. The kids had to search for the lost pirate ship, cut it away from the overgrowth in the swamp to make it sea worthy again, find an old letter, follow clues to find pieces of a treasure map, sail the ship to different ports, fish for food, zip-line over a gator infested swamp and locate the lost treasure of the Dread Pirate Fae. (Don't worry. I created the gator with wire, foam board, paint and newspaper. Herb...

April 15, 2019

  Thanks so much to my readers for patiently waiting! Some of you have already realized that my first novella, A Cove Creek Christmas and Saluria by C. M. Brogan, are now available on Amazon and have made the purchase. Saluria sold 10 copies in the first few hours making it TRP's best seller speed-wise to date. Thank you! Please leave a review of Cove Creek and Saluria if you can make the time.

For those who didn't realize these books were available, they are. As always, I appreciate your purchase! My readers are the BEST!

  Saluria is the first victory path adventure book by C.M. Brogan written in the style of the choose your own adventure books from the 1980s and 1990s. There has been a recent resurgence of this type of book and Saluria is one of the best.

Saluria takes the reader on an adventure where they can choose their own path. The catch is, there is only one true path to complete your quest successfully. The other paths, well, try not to make the wrong c...

April 5, 2019

 Hello my lovely readers. Isn't this an awesome cover? It is the mockup of the next book that will come out from Thunder Ridge Publishing. The author hasn't decided on the final cover, or the final subtitle but just wanted to give you all a little taste. This is an adventure book written in the style of the acclaimed R.L. Stine and other authors who gave us the choose your own adventure books. Perfect for middle school students! More to come about this book in the near future.

Up next, you have all been so awesome to support my scribblings and I couldn't wait until next week to give you this update. While I would love to say that promising my latest book by April 1 was only an April Fools Day joke, alas, I cannot. I did not make the deadline and that is, of course, all on me.

What I can say is that thanks to my incredible Beta readers, Betsy, Button, Brooke and Mary, A Cove Creek Christmas, Love at the Lighthouse, has been through final edits and should be available for purchas...

March 11, 2019

Hello again. It's been so long since I posted I'm sure many of you thought one of my characters had come to life and done away with me. Fortunately, that can only happen in books. Life is just waaaaay too busy, right?

SO . . . a funny thing happened on the way to book number one in the Smoky Mountain Magic Series Truffles & Kisses. Apologies to all who have been anxiously awaiting that book. It's still in process and coming, just a bit later than planned.

A new character spoke to me and demanded that I write her story first. That being said let me introduce you to Chloe Coleman. She is the protagonist of the first Smoky Mountain Christmas Series of novellas, A Cove Creek Christmas ~ Love at the Lighthouse. It combines romance with mystery with . . . well, please read it when it comes out and you'll see. Here is a glimpse of Chloe's story.

"Forgotten roots, abandoned family, lost love and three Christmas tragedies all made Chloe Coleman who she is today. When forced to chose, will she...

October 1, 2018

 Happy October 1st! It is a beautiful day here in East Tennessee. Just a quick note to invite all those living close by to attend the 14th annual UC Heritage Festival this Sat. Oct. 6. Lots of fun activities are on the schedule. Click on the pic above to go to the Website and check out the happenings.

I will be there in the Roy Acuff Museum doing a book signing for Blue Mountain Sky, Red Morning Glory and Dawn's Gray Light. Apologies to my readers who have been asking for the next book Truffles & Kisses. Still working on it so I won't have it available this weekend.

My friend Brooke Cox will be there for the same reason, plus, Brooke is on the schedule at 11:30 and 1 p.m. as the premier storyteller for this year's festival. Brooke will have copies of her first novel as well as a recent publication titled Saucy Southern Stories. Brooke is the first outside author to be published by Thunder Ridge Publishing.

The weather is predicted to be beautiful so come join us for a fantastic way to s...

September 18, 2018

 I know. This book cover doesn't look like it has anything to do with Columbia, or adoption, or children. You're right it doesn't. I'm getting to that. First, I'd like to share that Thunder Ridge Publishing has posted their first eBook from an outside author (an author who isn't me) on Amazon!

Local author and storyteller Brooke Cox has compiled stories from her youth, and not so youth, and has been gracious enough to allow TRP to publish her book, Saucy Southern Stories. Thanks Brooke! We are honored you trusted us with your baby! 

To take a peek at her book just click on the cover above and it will take you directly to Amazon where you can glance through a short sample and make a purchase if you'd like. If you prefer to wait for the paperback it should be available later this week. You can reach Brooke at coxbrooke3@gmail.com. Again we have to thank our graphic artist Rachel Rhule for a fab cover! rachel.rhule@gmail.com

Now on to the adoption news. Please keep reading. This is importan...

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